Like any other tourist destination, Koh Mak is usually "busy" during high season. People come mainly for relaxation, vacation, getaway from the crowd, and so on. Certainly, high season is a great time to spend your perfect holiday on any beach destination. Why?

#1 The weather, no rain, the day being shiny under the warm heat of the day. That means, they can relax on the white sandy beach, getting suntanned, and swim in the sea. These seem not possible during low season when the monsoon happens. But it does not mean the journey to the island in low season is not fun, in fact it is up to what people are looking for… the reasons for their travelling.

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#2 For Koh Mak, there are some intertwined reasons why people travel to the island during low season. The first simple and general reason, particularly for those coming from the cold countries, Thailand is one of the top tropical destinations, so they can get away from the cold. Besides, Thailand is still a beach paradise for people of all ages. It then leads to the second point, especially for those who are returning for another visit to Thailand. They have discovered all the highlights of Thailand, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, and Samui, and maybe even Koh Chang, all the busy zones. So they are getting away from the crowd. They can be very keen to explore some new places and beaches to spend time for their holiday. Looking at the map, they are wondering what this small rectangular island near Koh Chang is and eager to find out. Book the flight, pack the stuff, and leave, just like that… and here they are, on Koh Mak.



#3 Here comes to the third reason. The nature and charm of Koh Mak tempt people for a longer stay. They make a trip to the island once, they never want to leave or always want to return. Once they return, it is not for a short period of time. They plan to stay longer and enjoy all natural assets and atmosphere that cannot be found in their own country.

Thus, the bottom line is, “how do people spend one perfect week on Koh Mak, especially during low season?”. The answer lies within a wide range of activities.


Smile Koh Mak Thai Cooking School

The only cooking school on Koh Mak offers a half day cooking class, one-hour cooking workshop, and 3-5-day cooking course.

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Nong Thai Massage Center

The only Thai massage center on Koh Mak offers more than just a relaxing massage, but it is more about therapy and treatment, including basic technique of Thai massage up to 5 or 6 days course.

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Team Building Program

More than just a fun team building activity, the program is mixed with the team training. During 5-day program, the teams will be trained on various learning and knowledge such as team management and leadership, and they will be able to share ideas and experiences. Register for the program and stay at Ao Kao Resort.



Diving Course

Join any diving courses from one of the two diving shops on Koh Mak and add on one more course of coral reef conservation during 5-day program. Coral reef is one of the hot topics that has been discussed for years as it is part of island development. 



Muay Thai & Gym Training

Come and join the Muay Thai course and enjoy the Gym at Phoenix Muay Thai by Sudhidhankul family, vbmthe only Muay Thai Gym on Koh Mak. Take a private or group class with a professional fighter as many days as you wish.



Yoga Training

Have your mindset and keep the balance of your mind and soul, then come and join the Yoga Retreat at Good Time Resort on Koh Mak.

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Pizza Making and Academy

Are you a pizza lover? If so, Little Red Oven Pizza Academy would really be a fun place for you. Not only is it about the scrumptious taste of pizza made here, but also about how such delicious pizza is made and well-known among tourists and locals. The academy offers one day course of pizza making, 3-day course including theory and practice, and 5-day course including franchise business.

However, in order to fulfill your perfect week during low season, why not have fun with some more activities? Trash Hero, Tie-Dye and Painting Batik Workshop, Handmade Silver Jewelry Making, Bird Watching, Island E-Bike, Swimming to Nearby Islands, Tennis Training and other sports, Trekking, and Fishing, as well as Disc Golf fun game…

Try one or more of all the activities, and your perfect week will never be disappointed…

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