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Koh Mak

Animal Clinic

Koh Mak Animal Clinic, a grassroots volunteer clinic dedicated to caring for Koh Mak's stray, temple, & owned animals. As a Non-Profit organization, the clinic relies entirely on donations, volunteers, and sponsorship to carry out its work. Koh Mak Animal Clinic receives no government funding, and depends on the goodwill of the local community, tourists, and friends.

The primary goal of the clinic is Population Control, achieved through sterilization, vaccination, and education.

Koh Mak

Trash Hero

Trash Hero is an international, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to waste reduction and the promotion of sustainable living.

Each week, volunteers in Koh Mak put on their signature yellow t-shirts and unite to clean up various parts of the island, diligently removing plastics and other debris to protect the environment and preserve the area's natural beauty.

Koh Mak

Coral Conservation Group

The Koh Mak Coral Conservation Group is a dedicated and passionate organization committed to the preservation and restoration of the precious coral reefs surrounding the idyllic Koh Mak island in Thailand. Understanding the vital role these reefs play in maintaining marine biodiversity, the group works tirelessly to safeguard their health and longevity.

Through a combination of research, community engagement, and hands-on conservation efforts, the Koh Mak Coral Conservation Group seeks to protect and nurture these vibrant underwater ecosystems. By monitoring coral health, planting new coral fragments, and removing threats like invasive species, they ensure the reefs continue to thrive and support a diverse range of marine life.

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