Koh Mak Island

Feel the nature and the friendly vibes of the Koh Makians

Where less is more

The Island

Located near Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand, this 16 km2 island has everything you need for a perfect work-life balance. You’ll find a second family, awesome outdoors activities and great Wifi. Come and discover what Thailand was like 20 years ago before mass tourism…

Koh Mak is a familiy-owned island. We have decided to keep it this way and not to sell our land to big corporations. We try to keep the island clean and protect our beautiful white sand beaches.

Health and safety

Hospitals and doctors

We have the Koh Mak Internation Clinic with a doctor speaking thai and english. It is daily open from 07.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m. (24 hours emergency service & on call service from 05.00 p.m.– 07.00 a.m.)

Koh Mak International Clinic is a private clinic which is opened the service on 28th December 2018 and it is a part of Bangkok Hospital Trat.


There is no crime rates on Koh Mak seeing as it’s a big village and everyone knows each other. You’ll have a total peace of mind.



Until 2016 there were no ATM’s on Koh Mak, now there are two located near the pier.

Convenience stores

There is no 7-11 (maybe the only thai island without it!) but you’ll find a few other local convenient stores to buy everything you need.


We have public shared pick-up taxis but besides them there is no cars on Koh Mak. Everyone uses motorbikes, boats and bikes instead.


Nature and people come first

Koh Mak people and the digital nomads you’ll meet will probably become your second family. We know that traveling from place to place can be tiring especially when you are trying to work hard on your business.

At Koh Mak we offer you the island life combined with the technology to boost your productivity and innovative spirit.

Join us and do some volunteering to preserve the low-carbon island so you can save the planet while working on your professional project.


Things to do on the island

Work hard, play harder. You and your team will need some rest from our coworking space. Koh Mak will keep you busy and entertained: yoga, boat trips, diving (PADI), beach volley, tennis, fishing, cooking class, boat trips…

If you are a start-up, you’ll certainly give your team-building another dimension.

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Food and drinks

Thai and western restaurants

There is no Phuket party vibes on the island but you can still enjoy some sunset and live music bars. We also have killer sunsets on the island with seafood BB, wood-fired pizza and live music.

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Temple and history

At the entrance to Koh Mak Seafood, there is the museum in an 80 year old house, with artifacts and photographs showing the whole history of the island. You’ll also find a temple with resident buddhist monks.

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